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Intellect and love will defeat radicalism Turkey’s journey towards the European Union
How Can Yemen Best Make Use Of Its Natural Wealth? Another Cold War is out of question
Repentance provides relief to the heart Turkey must take the lead role to end conflict in Syria
Can all the parties in Turkey unite? How does it feel to be a Rohingya?
Muslims invite people to Islam intellectually and with kindness; they do not terrorize countries with suicide attacks How innocent are the acts of occupation in city squares?
Behind the persecution in Myanmar Life of this world is a brief test
The Kurds in the PKK-Ba'ath-Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon Triangle Responses to groundless claims concerning Mr. Adnan Oktar on the web site
Iran-Turkey: Relations of old friends Isolated Russia
Adnan Oktar's interview on El Haber, Morocco Satan’s clamor: Setting Believers against One Another
The secret of the strong bond between Muslims: Love and Humility The Danger Revealed by the Election Results in the Southeast
What is next for AKP after poll win? Understanding Lebanon
What awaits Turkey after elections? What Can Be Done In The Central African Republic To Restore Peace
Freedom spurs growth Afghanistan’s Future Depends on Pakistan’s Democratic Success
Not a struggle against men or armies, but ideologies People of Equanimity Must Collaborate to Establish Peace
Is Africa Condemned to Hunger and Famine? Traces of the Ottoman Empire in Our Foreign Policy
How To Ensure The National Unity Of Yemen? The Unending Storm in the Middle East: SECTARIAN WARS
Turkey, friend of the innocent! Salvation of the Kurds
How many Halabjas will make us act? Turkey's unforgettable Jewish history
Islam condemns radicalism Islam condemns radicalism
The Hidden Spirit of Heaven: Love and Marriage Could the meeting between Prime Minister Erdogan and Barzani be the solution to the problems in Iraq?
All women are born with their rights intact Turkey should avoid being in Shanghai Five
Yemen, But What Sort Of Yemen? Turkey-Iraq détente must for regional peace
Sectarian Conflicts and the Sounds of Civil War once more in the Middle East The division of Ukraine would lead to a civil war
France is in sight of the violence in CAR Compromise for success in politics, and the Tunisian example
Euro’s greatest need: Profound spirituality Economic instabilities in the world would completely end with the moral values of the Qur’an
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